Vintage Home

So Sharon and I decided to it was time to do something to jazz up our house and we started on our dark and boring corridor. I got a book ages ago that I didn’t pay much attention to, but when I rediscovered it, sorting one of my boxes, I realized how amazing it was. One of the images that inspired us the most was a wall full of pictures, metal food trays, handkerchiefs, old pictures, cross stitch and other random, useless things. So Sharon and I started to dig out all the things that we could not bear to part from, but never had a use for, and little by little the corridor wall started to take shape and look more and more interesting, so much so that we just wanted to spend all of our time there! We even left the house and we were so excited to come back in to see how good it would look. When we saw how good the corridor wall was looking we realized the living room was the next thing we should sort out. So I got myself a book shelf and the rest was history. The living room still needs some work but we are getting there little by little and we cannot wait to show it off to everyone.

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Cat x

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